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One of the best ways to ensure you keep one step ahead of the hackers is to rigorously test your defences. 3B Data Security’s penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services aim to do just that, provide you with insight into the potential attack vectors on your website, systems, and cloud infrastructure.

Our team will adopt a variety of methods using robust and reliable tools and methodologies to put your systems through their paces, identify vulnerabilities, explain security issues arising to you and if you wish, become involved in any remediation work required.

The team at 3B Data Security bring decades of combined experience of investigating security and data breaches into systems of all types. As a CREST approved Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment service provider, our service methodologies are based upon the industry best practice OWASP framework and have been externally verified and audited against rigorous standards.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Ensuring that your information security systems are developed and operating as intended to protect your data and infrastructure, and protect your business, is vital. Security testing provides assurance that everything is secure and operating as intended. Our expert Penetration Testing Consultants will tailor ad-hoc or ongoing programmes of Penetration Testing towards your needs and circumstances, and can provide you with advice in respect of the types and frequency appropriate to the risks your organisation faces.

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Testing is frequently used:

From April 2020, organisations will be required to conduct an annual Penetration Test as part of securing their Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Infrastructure Testing

Our consultants utilise up to date hacking techniques, methodologies and tools to provide an insight into your organisation’s security posture, by assessing your network and the hosts such as computer workstations and servers, firewalls, switches and other network devices to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors to breach your network. We offer testing on Wi-Fi, Internet of Things, and VoIP systems to ensure as many “attack surfaces” are tested and secured as possible.

Web Application and API Testing

The objective of a web application security test is to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities from insecure development practices in the design and coding of web applications such as Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, and custom-built applications. Web applications are tested according to the OWASP Testing Methodology, where our consultants will make use of automated and manual hacking techniques and tools to check for a variety of vulnerabilities including the OWASP Top 10 which involves testing for the following vulnerabilities:

Having had experience with thousands of hacking investigation cases, including many storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data, our team has thorough knowledge of testing ecommerce and web applications, and can quickly triage and identify vulnerabilities across a range of both common and complex hacking methods.

Mobile Application Testing

The objective of mobile application testing is to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities from insecure development practices in the design and coding of the mobile application, client side (storage) and network vulnerabilities. Our consultants perform testing on a variety of platforms such as Android and iOS whilst making use of automated and manual hacking techniques and tools to check for a variety of vulnerabilities including the OWASP Top 10 which involves testing for the following vulnerabilities:

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Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment

Vulnerability Scanning

3B Data Security’s Vulnerability Assessment helps IT Operational and Security teams to identify any vulnerabilities and configuration issues that create opportunities for hackers to penetrate your network. Our Cyber Security specialists have extensive experience in vulnerability assessment, combined with IT Operational and Security backgrounds.

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The threats faced by organisations are constantly changing. 3B Data Security constantly monitor the market for the most advanced tools and methods to help identify vulnerabilities and use a combination of “best of breed” advanced security tools to perform testing.

As a result of the high number of data breach investigations we undertake, 3B Data Security staff know the vulnerabilities that hackers seek out, and are experienced at conducting vulnerability assessments which will provide a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s vulnerabilities. Our detailed report will provide pragmatic recommendations, based on IT Operational and Security experience, on methods to secure your company with recommendations on how to remediate identified risks.

3B Data Security will conduct a systematic audit to measure the state of your website and e-commerce environments against a predetermined set of standards, including industry best practice and the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard. The primary objective of an audit is to identify vulnerabilities that exist without exploiting them or gaining access, and to measure and report on conformance. Providing early indications of security weaknesses with your environment.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

For many organisations, the establishing and managing of a vulnerability management program can be an overwhelming assignment requiring a significant amount of time and resources.

3B Data Security’s Vulnerability Management as a Service can relieve organisations of these difficulties by assisting to establish an effective vulnerability management program to provide continuous scanning of the network environment for newly emerging vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors to breach the network. Our certified security consultants will tailor and manage the vulnerability management program to ensure it is established based on your business requirements and built with flexibility allowing you to choose the systems, services and applications to be scanned and to determine how often you would like the scans to be commenced. The results of the scanning will be provided in a report, outlining a detailed description of each of the security issues and their associated security risk rating along with guidance on how to remediate. On delivery of the report, our certified security consultants will debrief you on the contents of the report and what it means in practice for your business.

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PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Service

Cyber Security Training

3B Data Security’s PCI Approved Scanning Vendor Service provides merchants and service providers with the easiest, most cost-effective method of validating adherence with the external scanning requirements of PCI DSS requirement 11.2.2 and minimising the risk of cardholder data being compromised.

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3B Data Security’s PCI ASV Service is backed with over 20 years of experience through a partnership with one of the highly regarded industry leaders, Qualys. Alongside this, 3B Data Security is an approved PCI SSC Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSAC), which enables us to perform PCI Compliance consulting, advisory and audit services to help merchants obtain certification against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

3B Data Security utilise a remote scanning platform to perform a PCI ASV scan against your external infrastructure within the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE).

Our robust PCI ASV service meets all the PCI Security Standards Council requirements and includes:

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Website Attack Surface Assessment (WASA)

Website Attack Surface Assessment (WASA)

3B Data Security provides a comprehensive service to scan and identify security issues with websites. Primarily aimed at web-developers, merchants and others seeking to identify security vulnerabilities within websites and web services. A key element of this service is Web Application testing where a web application is subject to attack to discover any malicious vulnerabilities which might lead to exploitation such as poor configuration, out of date patching, cross configuration issues, cross-site scripting attacks or injection attacks.

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A 3B Data Security consultant will debrief you after the scanning of your sites (even at pre-deployment stages) and help you to assess the risks technically and from a compliance perspective (for example with PCI-DSS in mind).

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Managed Security Services

Managed Security Operations

Information Security is a large area to cover and as a business it can be a difficult distraction to manage. 3B Data Security specialists enable businesses to focus on their primary goals and objectives whilst enjoying the benefits of world-class security expertise.

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Our team of information security experts have significant experience in investigating and responding to systems & data breaches, with IT and Security Operational as well as investigations experience:

Our managed security service provision is a systematic approach to managing an organisation's security needs. Our managed services solutions are a simple way for clients to upgrade their information systems security with best-of-breed solutions and experienced professional staff. Implement these services without having to hire, maintain and train talent in-house. We implement solutions which are managed and monitored by our experienced personnel to provide security services in line with industry best practices.

Threat Monitoring & Vulnerability Management: We provide a service that correlates and analyses real-time event data to detect threats, provide an alerting service to enable your own team to respond to and contain incidents, or to call on our advice and incident response services. We can also integrate trend and threat intelligence data for incident classification and response prioritisation.

Threat Intelligence: Cyber defences start well beyond the traditional edge of your information systems. Using powerful AI crawlers, human intelligence and operatives, and combining that with open source and shared intelligence assets from across the cyber security industry, we provide a service which enables us to tailor a threat intelligence service to your organisation; based around your domains, IP addresses, technology stack and key players in your organisation. We provide services from just alerting, through to tailored response services.

Threat Hunting: Within your information system’s perimeter, it is essential to continuously monitor for threats, especially as hackers and malware are becoming more devious and better able to conceal itself from traditional endpoint agent tools. We deploy a monitoring solution which analyses files, memory, and processes in astonishing depth, through a process called Forensic State Analysis. This enables rapid identification, even of the most carefully hidden threats, as well as rapid containment, response, and remediation.

Dark Web Monitoring: We have a variety of services available, enabling even small organisations to monitor emerging threats; whether that is compromised credentials in the wild, discussions of IP addresses as targets, client or other data being hidden or traded as a result of data dumps or leaks. Our range of services start at economical rates for information only services, right through to a monitored intelligence and security response centre. We will work with you to achieve your security goals based on the risks your face and within your budget.

SIEM and Log Analysis: Implementing our advanced SIEM solution will include developing appropriate security correlation rules, identifying and ingesting logs and other security event data, integrating with any Threat Intelligence feeds that are appropriate and agreeing operational protocols with your IT & Business teams. Our SOC team will review and investigate suspicious activity as necessary analysing alerts, performing initial investigation on the alerts to understand the extent of the threat, categorise them and will respond accordingly. The details of the service will be tailored to meet your needs.

Phishing & Security Awareness: Cyber Security is often only seen as being related to Technology and Processes. Perhaps the most significant aspect however is the people operating within your business environment. 3B Data Security works with many organisations to put education and awareness programmes in place for the specific information security and compliance challenges that they face. Our approach can include a tailored blend of activity, including Webinars or Instructor-led training and Phishing campaigns (Still one of the most used attack vectors that malicious actors use).

Contact us now to find out how we can help your organisation.

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Compromise Assessment

Cyber Security Training

The Benefits of Compromise Assessments

To determine the extent of your breach, 3B Data Security employ an Indicator of Compromise (IoC) discovery and threat hunting service as part of our incident response methodology. This is managed and monitored by our own in-house team of incident response analysts. Malware and persistent threats are often resident inside an organisation for months, sometimes years, before being detected.

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3B Data Security will conduct a Compromise Assessment of your network objectively, rapidly, and cost effectively.

Compromise Assessments by 3B Data Security aim to identify every endpoint, workstation and server on the network and look for signs of compromise. Our methodology combines agentless scans with our File Intelligence Services and our Digital Forensics Analytics Services into statistical models that determine the risk profile of endpoints.

3B Data Security’s scans validate everything currently running or scheduled to run on endpoints and analyses each system’s volatile memory to discover signs of manipulation or hidden processes using patent-pending techniques. For speed and efficiency, the scans are agentless and do not require software to be pre-installed, typically taking just minutes to complete.

The scans are completely independent of the network’s existing security infrastructure and do not rely on a potentially compromised host opening system to deliver results.

Our compromise assessment services bring to you the following benefits over a standard incident response approach:

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