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Do you think you have suffered a breach?

If you need emergancy support to identify and tackle IT security incidents, mobilise our team of experts for Rapid Response CSIRT.
Using advanced AI assisted threat detection, containment and remediation tools, our fast and effective process will help identify, contain and eradicate the threat. Using digital forensic investigation we identify how the attack was mounted and identify how to prevent those attacks.
We will embed a cyber incedent manager to assist you to manage the response, ensuring an efficient and rapid resolution to the incedent, ensuring compliance and reporting olbigations are met and managing third parties.
Incident Response Retainer Clients

Do you have an Incident Response Retainer?

Call the dedicated 24x7x365 number provided in your agreement to get support.

An Incident Manager will contact you within the time in your Service Level Agreement.

Non Retainer Client Emergencies

For Emergency Support Call +44 (0)1223 298 338
Or Email IR@3BDataSecurity.com

A technical incident response professional will call you back as soon as they are available and gather information from you about the incident.

We operate 24x7x365 across the UK and globally.

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