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3B Data Security and RevBits have partnered to provide our customers with high-performance security software that detects, blocks and mitigates the most sophisticated attacks.

RevBits® provide a broad range of Next Generation Cyber Solutions to address security gaps and protect endpoints, cloud workloads, data and identities, no matter where they are, against the growing and everchanging threat landscape.

Understanding the interplay between an organisation's business-critical information assets, vulnerabilities and threats has been the bedrock of RevBits' development efforts. Speed,’ ‘scale,’ ‘capability’ and ‘simplicity’ in design are considered crucial in countering today’s rapid-fire, voluminous, and sophisticated adversarial threats.

RevBits Product Portfolio Includes:
· Cyber intelligence platform/XDR;
· Endpoint Security/EDR;
· Email Security;
· Email Secure Enterprise Gateway (SEG);
· Zero Trust Networking (ZTN);
· Deception Technology; and
· Privileged Access Management (PAM)

RevBits modules may be purchased individually or as a part of the Cyber Intelligence Platform.

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