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At 3B Data Security, we’re experts when it comes to eDiscovery, offering comprehensive support to businesses, government agencies, and legal professionals alike.

Our specialised team, equipped with cutting-edge technology and extensive knowledge, deliver custom solutions tailored to each organisation’s unique litigation and investigative needs.

We provide a wide range of investigation options, from intellectual property theft through to partnership and contract disputes. Our specialist forensic investigators gather digital evidence to establish what data may have been stolen and the methodology, with appropriate recommendations to prevent similar occurrences.

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Our Experience

With years of experience navigating the intricacies of digital data investigations, the team at 3B Data Security bring depth and precision to every case.

We understand the stakes are high, and that's why we commit to meticulously safeguarding your data and legal interests.

Through our strategic partnership with Nuix, a leader in eDiscovery technology, we handle vast and complex datasets with ease, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

We recognise that every client's needs are unique, and our approach is always personalised, ensuring that your specific eDiscovery requirements are met with the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

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